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Meet Dr. Bob Richmond

Dr. Bob Richmond, Newbury Park Chiropractor
Dr. Bob Richmond


The Richmond Family

About Dr. Bob Richmond

Graduate of Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1994
Been in practice in the Conejo Valley 14 years
I have lived in the Conejo Valley for 44 years
My wife and I have 4 children
I played professional baseball (S.F. Giants)
I coach little league baseball here in the Conejo Valley (since 2002)

I decided to become a chiropractor back in 1984 while I was a college student at California Lutheran College (University).  I decided that I wanted to give others the chance to feel as good as I did after I went to a chiropractor due to an injury while I was playing baseball.

The injury occurred as I was pitching and I landed awkward.  I was told I had a torn muscle away from my spine.  The school sent me to the team doctor who immediately wanted to do surgery on my back and then put me in traction for 3 weeks.

I said, no way, and was ready to quit baseball.  The school then sent me to a chiropractor and within 3 to 4 weeks, the lump in my back was gone and my pain was gone.  I had to do rehabilitation and get more chiropractic adjustments to help stabilize my spine, but I never had to have surgery and still to this day have not.

With each visit to the doctor I noticed that people were actually looking forward to seeing the doctor.  Most other doctors offices have people who are afraid or worried about going in to see the doctor, but in the chiropractor's office people know they are going to get better naturally with no side effects.


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