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What Patients Say About Dr. Richmond's
Exclusive Chiropractic Care...

Here are only a few examples of the success stories we have on file. These are people just like you who once suffered from pain and stress and now enjoy a brighter, more pain-free life.


"I couldn't get back into the fire engine.  The other doctors were talking about surgery.  Dr. Bob got me back to work without surgery and taught me how to keep my back strong."

Scott Quirarte
Fire Captain, Ventura County Fire Dept.

"This doctor really cares."

Ann Oppenheim
School Teacher, CVUSD

"We always call Dr. Bob first.  He's helped our family many times."

Dave and Heather Merrill and family

"I have had headaches most of my life.  A visit to Dr. Richmond allows me to eliminate my daily headache medicines!"

Becky Au
Teachers aid

"Dr. Richmond made my pain go away and gave me my strength and energy back!"

Lynn Sarkany
College Professor, University of Phoenix

"Before seeing Dr. Bob I was feeling weak, in pain, and tired.  Now I feel like a kid again, I workout almost every day, and have the most energy I've had in years.  He taught me to choose health and make it a priority."

Mike O'Conner
Self Employed

"As I have aged, my lower back started to give me pain.  After seeking out different methods of care to get rid of my pain I found Dr. Richmond.  His treatments have given me great amounts of relief and have allowed me to be more active in my older years."

Jerry Escover
Retired (80 years old)


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